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32124 Lankford Highway
Keller, VA 23401



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Mall History

The Blue Crow Antique Mall was born out of a promise. When it came time for retirement, Len (a retired Navy Officer and Corporate CEO) asked Ellie (a history teacher for 35 years) who loved antiques to move to the Eastern Shore. Len wanted to go hunting and fishing. If she agreed, he promised to get her an antique shop. Ellie held out for a mall.

To gather some marketing research they purchased a motor home and drove north and west across America, crossed into Canada and proceeded to Alaska. Then they drove down to southern California and east through texas to Florida, then north back to Virginia. They stopped at every antique mall they could find listed and took pictures, notes, interviewed owners and staff and formalized a model and business plan.

The amazing part...after 163 days on the road, they were still talking!